Architectural Display Board Refill Packs (051.066)


Refill Packs include 6 small chips of the selected NuMetal or Fusion design.

Already have an Architectural Board? We offer Refill Packs for each item on the board – 6 chips per pack. New headers are also available for purchase.

Each Sample Chip Size: 2.375″ x 1.5″

How to Order Your Refill Packs:

  1. Use the dropdown below to preview or select the design.
  2. Enter the desired quantity. Each pack contains 6 chips of the selected design.
  3. Click “Add to Cart.”
  4. If you need a refill pack for more than one design, repeat steps 1-3 for each design you wish to order.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete your order.


ATI’s NuMetal and Fusion Architectural Board includes a wide variety of sample chips from ATI’s NuMetal™ and Fusion product lines, featuring:

Refill Packs: Includes 6 chips of the selected NuMetal or Fusion design.
Each Sample Chip Size: 2.375″ x 1.5″

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2.375 x 1.5 x 1 in
Refill Pack

Aluminum Gun Metal 248, Aluminum Rondo 202 RON, Antique Copper Fine Hammered C462, Antique Copper Mesh 401 NTZ, Antique Copper Ore C431, Antique Pewter Mesh 490 NTZ, Antique Pewter Reeds 490 PTK, Aqua Polished Smoke 1014 AQA, Aqua Rose Gold 212 AQA, Arctic + Mill Satin Aluminum (Fusion), Birdseye Maple FT007 (Fusion), Black Mesh 11 NTZ, Black Sands + Pebble Aluminum (Fusion), Bourbon Streak + Mill Satin Aluminum (Fusion), Bronze FS603 (Fusion), Brushed Aluminum 245G, Brushed Aluminum Diamond Plate 924 GEK, Brushed Aluminum Fine Hammered 924 HAM, Brushed Aluminum Mesh 924 NTZ, Brushed Aluminum Ridges 924 PGQ, Brushed Brass 934, Brushed Bronze 944, Brushed Stainless 256G, Brushed Stainless Diamond Plate 256 GEK, Brushed Stainless Mesh 256 NTZ, Brushed Stainless Reeds 256 PTK, Brushed Stainless Ridges 256 PGQ, Carats + Mill Satin Aluminum (Fusion), Castle Black + FusionSwirl (Fusion), Cathedral Cherry + White Gloss Aluminum (Fusion), Cathedral Cherry, Dark (Fusion), Copper Fine Hammered C471, Copper FS601 (Fusion), Copper Hammered C473, Corrugated Brushed Aluminum 603/924, Corrugated Brushed Stainless Steel 603/256, Corrugated Mill Aluminum 603/209, Cu Later + FusionSwirl (Fusion), Curly Maple + White Gloss Aluminum (Fusion), Diamond Mill Gun Metal 248 DIA, Diamond Polished Smoke 1014 DIA, Diamond Rose Gold 212 DIA, Fiddleback Maple FT009 (Fusion), Funky Cold Patina + Fusion Pebble Aluminum (Fusion), Funky Cold Patina + Mill Satin Aluminum (Fusion), Gatsby + Mill Satin Aluminum (Fusion), Gun Metal Mill 603/248, Madagascar Ebony, Light + White Gloss Aluminum (Fusion), Madrid CA5, Matte Copper C400, Native Patina + FusionSwirl (Fusion), Neptune Brushed Aluminum 924 NEP, Neptune Polished Smoke 1014 NEP, Neptune Rose Gold 212 NEP, Notra + White Gloss Aluminum (Fusion), Patina Autumn Leaves C421, Patina Malchit C414, Patina Onyx C412, Polished Aluminum 904, Polished Brass 914, Polished Smoke 1014, Raven + Mill Satin Aluminum (Fusion), Red Rust + Pebble Aluminum (Fusion), Rose Gold 212, So Impressed + White Gloss Aluminum (Fusion), Talisman + Pebble Aluminum (Fusion), Titan Aluminum Gun Metal 248 BKE, Walnut Burl, Medium + White Gloss Aluminum (Fusion), Waterfall Aluminum Gun Metal 248 HM5, Waterfall Rose Gold 212 HM5, Welcome Back Copper + Mill Satin Aluminum (Fusion), Wenge Medium + White Gloss Aluminum (Fusion), Wicked + Pebble Aluminum (Fusion), Zebrano FT010 (Fusion)


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