Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive

Premium, Eco-Friendly Aerosol Adhesive

ATI Decorative Laminates is proud to carry Spray-Lock FRP Spray Adhesive! Since it has a 4-hour working time once the adhesive is tacked, Spray-Lock FRP Spray Adhesive is ideal for use in bonding vertical wall panel installations. That means installers can just spray the work area and immediately focus on installing the wall panels, enabling faster installation, and cutting labor costs by up to 30 percent! Additionally, one 22-oz can of Spray-Lock FRP Spray Adhesive will cover the installation of two 4’ x 8’ wall panels, depending on your level of coverage.

Spray-Lock FRP Spray Adhesive is one of the only adhesives that allow for installation over both porous and non-porous surfaces, reducing the need for solvent-based adhesives that emit high VOCs (volatile organic compounds). In fact, Spray-Lock FRP Spray Adhesive has been tested by the EPA to emit only 0.02 g/ml of VOC content, so it not only exceeds the US EPA’s indoor air quality standards for VOCs, but it also doesn’t have the usual offensive odors associated with regular adhesives.

Fusion Custom Artwork + White Gloss Aluminum, Cresta Shopping Centre
Spray-Lock FRP Adhesives Installation Video
Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive Installation
Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive

Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive is approved for use with a wide range of ATI Decorative Laminates products, including:

  • MirroFlex Wall Panels*
  • MirroFlex Tub & Shower Surrounds
  • Fusion LuxCore FRP Panels
  • Fusion Acrylic and Polycarbonate panels, backed
  • Fusion Unbacked Aluminum (Textured and Mill)
  • Fusion Digital HIPS

Spray-Lock FRP Spray Adhesive also works by instant grab, without the need for additional bracing, that can eliminate wall panels from sagging and can be applied either directly to the wall or to the wall panel itself. It’s releasable for repositioning prior to final applications, so you can make sure you have the perfect placement each and every time. 

*While Spray-Lock FRP Spray Adhesive is approved for use with MirroFlex wall panels, it is not approved for use with MirroFlex MAX wall panels or MirroFlex glue-up ceiling tile applications. Also not approved for use with NuMetal products.