Considered the fifth wall in interior design, ceilings have the power to define a space. MirroFlex offers a wide variety of ceiling tile styles and sizes to add the dimension, texture, and visual interest you need to enhance the beauty and feel of any room.

Ceilings are no longer considered a flat, white plane but a canvas for expression. When treated properly, ceilings can become the focal point of a room. They have the ability to expand or contract a space, making a cavernous hall seem more intimate or creating a feeling of openness and light in an office with low ceilings.

MirroFlex Ceiling Tiles are opaque, thermoplastic square and rectangular panels available in a wide range of patterns, finishes, and styles. ATI offers a variety of ceiling options, so almost every installation situation can be accommodated. Use the tool below to explore all of ATI’s ceiling solutions.

Curious to see what MirroFlex will look like in a space? Use our MirroFlex Visualizer to try all of our pattern and finish combinations on walls, ceilings, and counters with just the click of a button!

How much do MirroFlex Ceiling Tiles cost?

Price range, depending on the finish and quantity: $3.00 - $7.00 / Sq. Ft.


Glue-Up and Lay-In

2' x 2' and 2' x 4' Patterns

Light Diffusers

Add up to 30% Brighter, Pleasing Light

Acoustic / Perforated

2' x 2' Lay-In

Faux Mineral Fiber

Long-Lasting Solution

MirroFlex Lite

Ultra-Thin and Lightweight 2' x 2' Lay-In

Multi-Directional Installation

Design like a Pro!

What Type of Ceilings Are You Looking For?

Glue-Up ceiling tiles are designed with an overlap system to make installation easy, fast, and forgiving. Glue-Up tiles can be used on both the ceiling and the wall. Available as 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' sizes.

Lay-In ceiling tiles are designed to lay inside 15/16" grid systems. Certain patterns are available as a tegular option, where the embossed part of the design is lower than the suspension grid, and the 4 edges are flat to fit nicely into the grid. Some 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' sizes might produce sag and require a small amount of panel adhesive in the center to adhere to an existing mineral fiber tile.

Decorative Acoustic/Perforated are 2' x 2' Lay-In ceiling tiles, perforated to increase sound absorption and offer acoustic qualities, as well as all other 2' x 2' Lay-In tile features.

ATI’s value-conscious ceiling solution. We’ve successfully combined many MirroFlex Lay-In Ceiling Tile patterns with 18 of our most popular finishes into one sleek .013″ thick package. MirroFlex Lite is ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin, easy-to-install, and even more cost-effective than our traditional MirroFlex line. Some MirroFlex Lite finishes are available as a Drop-Out Ceiling Tile, and are specifically designed to fall out of 15/16" grid systems when exposed to heat from a developing fire.

MirroFlex Light Diffusers are designed to replace existing prismatic diffusers in 15/16″ grid system light boxes and add up to 30% brighter, more pleasing light. Designed to fit 2′ x 2′ (Wavation pattern only) and 2′ x 4′ light box fixtures.

Faux Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles offer customers the ability to replace their standard mineral fiber ceiling tiles with a long-lasting solution that prevents dirty, water-stained ceilings. Available in 2' x 2' size for Lay-In ceiling applications.

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Curious to see what MirroFlex will look like in a space? Try all of our MirroFlex pattern and finish combinations on walls, ceilings, and counters with just the click of a button!

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MirroFlex Ceiling Tiles (including Decorative Glue-Up and Lay-In Tiles, Decorative Acoustic Tiles, and Faux Mineral Fiber Tiles) are all easily cleanable and non-absorbent (waterproof) as well as meet or exceed the compliance requirements recommended by the USDA, State Health Departments, and the FDA. While these organizations do not specifically recommend products, an outline of requirements is provided and should be reviewed before any ceiling tile is to be installed over a food preparation area. For questions or more information regarding technical and safety data on MirroFlex Ceiling Tiles, please visit the Resources section of our website or contact an ATI Customer Service Representative at 800.849.1320. Be sure to contact a local health inspector for specific industry requirements.