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Design Smarter: Prioritizing Flexibility in Interior Design

These days, we’re asked to be more flexible than ever. As are our work and home lives, so is commercial and architectural design. Switching up our schedules and our spaces on the fly is an essential part of everyday life. Despite this, many of us encounter barriers when seeking change. Refreshing an interior that has grown either stale or inefficient can be messy and costly. Commercial interior design remodeling can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 per square foot. But what if you prioritized flexibility in your interior design projects from the start? Would that impact how often you’d be able to make changes?

Inherently flexible interiors can benefit many different types of businesses. In retail, inventory changes with each season. Wouldn’t it make sense to have décor that changes to match? Businesses may outgrow their current office setup as staffing needs change. Instead of building and knocking down traditional walls, what about divider panels that can be set up, taken down, and reconfigured more easily? Sometimes change for change’s sake can breathe new life into a commercial interior. What if your tastes simply shift, and your décor could be swapped out easily and inexpensively? Building flexibility into the backbone of commercial interior design projects benefits these scenarios and more.

Flexible Interior Design Ideas

#1 – Updating Artwork on the Fly

Riding High Harley Davidson in High Point, NC knew that their décor needed to be easy to update. After all, their rotating stock meant there were plenty of opportunities to change up their look. Their custom LumiSplash panels were the perfect solution. LumiSplash let them add intrigue to their retail displays. These backlit LED panels were also a breeze to update. The artwork could be changed out at any time, easily and affordably.


LumiSplash | Custom Artwork for Riding High Harley Davidson

Display Artwork, Riding High Harley Davidson | Custom Artwork on LumiSplash


Of course, some of their artwork was designed to be permanent. Bold wall murals stood from floor to ceiling throughout the showroom. Those wall murals have a flexible secret, too. The mural is made up of multiple Fusion artwork panels. That means if one section is damaged, ATI can reprint that single damaged panel while leaving the existing artwork on the wall. Pretty impressive, right?


Mural, Harley Davidson of Greensboro | Custom Artwork on Digital HIPS (Fusion)

Mural, Riding High Harley Davidson | Custom Artwork on Digital HIPS (Fusion)


#2 – Semi-Permanent Privacy Walls

Just as the popularity of open offices has exploded, the need to create privacy has also risen. A large, open office is perfect for collaborating with teammates, but can quickly overwhelm employees. If the staff size grows in an open office, spaces for privacy become worth their weight in gold. If the staff size shrinks, the sight of open desks can decrease morale. ATI’s Fusion program is an ideal solution to create semi-permanent privacy walls.


Custom Acrylic Room Divider | Oversized Green Leaf + Acrylic (Fusion)

Custom Acrylic Room Divider | Oversized Green Leaf + Acrylic (Fusion)


With a simple Fusion panel and hanging hardware, you can transform your space on a whim. Divide up your space without the hassle and expense of building physical walls. Add to or rearrange privacy walls as needed. Fusion Clear substrates like Acrylic, Clear PVC, LuxCore Plus, and Polycarbonate give you a variety of options.


Divider Panel Installation | Birch + LuxCore Plus (Fusion, Organics Collection)

Divider Panel Installation | Birch + LuxCore Plus (Fusion, Organics Collection)


Go With the Flow

The only thing certain about the future is that change will always come. Sometimes it’s difficult to see what may lie ahead. Not every change has to be difficult, though. By designing your space with change in mind from the beginning, you can easily adapt when new opportunities arise. Whether the opportunity is to ring in a new season or to bring coworkers closer together, you’ll be prepared.

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