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Industrial interior design has quickly become one of the most popular design styles.  This look allows for all components from furnishings and lighting to walls and floors to be boldly displayed. This theme is brutally honest, focusing on convenience, functionality, and longevity. And while this style is typically used in loft apartments, modern homes, or commercial spaces—industrial details can add personality to any interior design. While many typically consider fixtures, décor, and furnishings when designing an industrial space—walls, ceilings, and other surfaces are often neglected. These elements are just as important—if not even more so—in making the design successful. These surfaces are often left behind because finding and using authentic materials is time-consuming and expensive. However, with our MirroFlex, NuMetal and Fusion products, you can add industrial elements or complete a design easily. Let our solution specialists help you find comparable materials to these designs at a fraction of the cost!

One area often neglected is ceilings.  You see them everyday but rarely consider it for a facelift.  Use this fifth wall to create a raw, but finished, industrial space. This kitchen used a corrugated metal ceiling to complete its turn of the century utilitarian feel.  With our MirroFlex Corrugated ceiling tiles, you can easily get the look without the expensive cost of real metal.

Jackpot Joanies / Corrugated + Crosshatch Silver (MirroFlex Ceilings)

Jackpot Joanies / Corrugated + Crosshatch Silver (MirroFlex Ceilings)


Using metal surfaces is key to industrial design. The juxtaposition of smooth metal against organic elements like wood hearkens back to manufacturing plants and warehouses.

Want to mix in industrial details to your current design? Find an architectural focal point like a fireplace, accent wall, or room divider. These surfaces are great to showcase industrial art, clean metal surfaces, or exposed, raw building materials. This accent wall featuring gear artwork truly represents the form and function of the industrial era. Consider our Fusion products to achieve this look on your choice of substrate that range from aluminum composite to wood.

Heavy Gears + FusionSwirl, Industrial Gear Clothing Store

Heavy Gears + FusionSwirl, Industrial Gear Clothing Store



Common in industrial era design was the use of functional, clean materials like ceramic subway tiles. Used everywhere from train stations to hospitals, subway tiles characterize the utilitarian focus of time.

Industrial design is proving to be an enduring look that adds character to a space. It takes a minimalist approach allowing each feature to be appreciated. Whether you design an entire industrial space or use industrial accents, our NuMetal, MirroFlex, and Fusion products can help you create an interior that has timeless appeal.


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