Mural, Springfield Elementary School | Custom Artwork on LuxCore Plus (Fusion)

The Wall Mural Trend: Incorporating Bold Wall Art into Your Commercial Space

Wall murals are the biggest, boldest trend in commercial interior design. They’re an instant focal point when you enter a room, and they give visitors something to talk about once they leave. In today’s ever-connected world, they also give an “instagrammable” moment that inspires people to take pictures to share on social media. Digital printing technology has made custom wall murals more accessible than ever. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a large-scale wall mural into your retail store, office, or restaurant, you may feel overwhelmed by the design process. Thankfully, there are a few simple tips you can use to make your mural project a success.

#1 – Choose imagery that’s relevant to your brand or mission.

Today’s brands are about more than a product—they’re about a lifestyle. That’s what makes a custom wall mural the perfect way to show what’s most important to your brand. Whether you’re trying to show off your company’s vibrant corporate culture or connect with potential customers on a deep emotional level, murals communicate your message loudly and proudly.


Mural, Harley Davidson of Greensboro | Custom Artwork on Digital HIPS (Fusion)

Mural, Riding High Harley Davidson | Custom Artwork on Digital HIPS (Fusion)


For example, take this stunning mural that we produced for Riding High Harley Davidson in High Point/Greensboro, NC. The Harley Davidson brand has always been about more than motorcycles—it’s also stood for embracing life on the open road. This mural makes it easy to imagine yourself living the lifestyle Harley Davidson embodies.


#2 – Coordinate the style of the mural with other décor in your space.

Once you’ve nailed down the messaging you want to portray in your custom wall mural, you’ll need to determine what style to use. Will you choose something contemporary, or more subdued? Do you prefer photographic or illustrative images? All of these are important questions, and the answers will all set the tone for your wall mural. Take a look at some of the other décor you plan to use in your space to get hints.


Mural, Japanese Restaurant | Custom Artwork on FusionSwirl Aluminum (Fusion)

Mural, Japanese Restaurant | Custom Artwork on FusionSwirl Aluminum (Fusion)


For example, this Japanese restaurant was clearly going for a modern, contemporary vibe, but they still wanted to showcase Japanese cultural elements. ATI’s design team dreamed up a perfect solution. This bold, colorful Koi illustration married classic Japanese elements with a contemporary FusionSwirl aluminum to make a bold impact.


#3 – Use materials that are up for the job.

Not all murals are created equally. While many people likely envision wall murals printed on adhesive-backed vinyl, this kind of application is not always suitable for high-traffic areas. What’s more, there are plenty of available materials that provide different effects. Depending on what image you choose, your custom wall mural might look better on one substrate than another. If durability is your primary concern, you’ll want to take that into account as well. Printing on wood, aluminum, or fiberglass-reinforced plastic all give you a different look and impact resistance.


Mural, Springfield Elementary School | Custom Artwork on LuxCore Plus (Fusion)

Mural, Springfield Elementary School | Custom Artwork on LuxCore Plus (Fusion)


Thankfully, choosing the right material for a custom wall mural is a breeze when you’re working with the right spets. That’s exactly what The Image Resource Group discovered when they worked with ATI to create a nature-inspired wall mural for Springfield Elementary School in Charleston, SC. They used ATI’s Fusion program to combine their custom art with LuxCore Plus. The second-surface imaging that LuxCore Plus offered made the image ultra-durable, which was important for the school. The final product was a beautiful wall mural that will continue reinforcing students’ connection with nature for years to come.


Picturing the Final Product

Incorporating a custom wall mural into your commercial space can seem intimidating, but the process doesn’t have to be difficult. Consider the top qualities of your brand, the overall look you want to achieve, and the people you expect to occupy the space. These three considerations will help you determine the best image and substrate for your wall mural. The final result will be a focal point you’ll be happy to show off to patrons and visitors alike.

Feeling inspired and need extra guidance? Speak with an ATI representative today to start designing the perfect mural for your space. Our Fusion team can help you choose an image from our Idea Library or create custom art for your brand.