Inspiring Walls: Interior Design Ideas for Walls

Modern and fresh wall designs are an important interior design element in creating beautiful interiors.  Decorating with three-dimensional laminate wall panels is a stunning alternative to flat, empty walls because it creates an interesting and eye-catching design.  With MirroFlex wall panels, you can explore and enjoy textures to bring a space to life, rather than using just paint or wall paper.

Designers are constantly bringing fresh and modern ideas to the decorating forefront.  More and more, interior designers are emphasizing the use of texture when designing a space.  In fact, they suggest using fewer, more thoughtful pieces when designing in order to create a room that is elegant and stylish.

Layering textures transforms an environment, making it unique and inspiring without overwhelming it through an abundance of color or decor.  Using interesting three-dimensional patterns on walls adds an extra dimension that creates a bold design statement without overpowering the space.

Damask + EccoFlex Black (MirroFlex)

Damask + EccoFlex Black (MirroFlex)

Create inspiring walls with these interior design ideas for your walls!

Three-dimensional MirroFlex wall panels are a wonderful way to bring your walls to life.  A classic pattern like Damask paired with EccoFlex Black has a dramatic, elegant feel that can elevate any interior.  Layered with simple decorative elements, this duo is sure to create an incredibly stunning space. MirroFlex is available in a variety of patterns and colors to match any style and design.  A nature-inspired Dogwood pattern paired with Winter White allows the texture to become the focal point instead of a color.  Using dimensional wall panels creates an exciting visual effect that plays off light and shadows. Fun and funky patterns and colors like Cayman in Moonstone Copper demands attention.  More contemporary patterns spice up even the blandest space and bring visual punch to a room.

MirroFlex wall panels are a fun and creative way to explore and enjoy modern interior design.  This wallcovering solution is a great alternative for decorating empty walls.  Using MirroFlex is sure to transform typically flat walls into a focal point that resembles art more than wall panels.  With a variety of pattern and color combinations available, you are sure to find the perfect solution to emphasize your space’s architectural features and design.