How to Get the Look of Antique Tin Ceilings with MirroFlex

With more focus than ever on the entire design of a space, ceilings are no longer being neglected with just a coat of white paint. Designing for the entire space allows for a complete look that is eye-catching and unique. One of the hottest trends for ceiling solutions is tin or metal tile ceilings. This look is not only attractive but adds depth and character to the space.

Do You Go with Faux Tin or Real Tin?

There are pros and cons for both real and faux tin ceilings. While faux tin tiles may not be suitable for a historically correct remodel, for most, faux tiles are a less expensive solution that offers greater design possibilities with an incredibly similar result.

Besides the significant cost difference, faux tin tiles like MirroFlex vacuumed-formed thermoplastic tiles allow for more design options. Real metal and tin ceiling tiles tend to be limited to old-world patterns and finishes. On the other hand, MirroFlex ceiling tiles come in a wide variety of patterns including contemporary designs. Finishes can be matched to any pattern and mimic a variety of patinas, metals, woodgrains, or solid colors.

Another major difference between tin tiles and MirroFlex faux tin is the installation process. Tin tiles usually require prepping the ceiling with furring strips or plywood sheets then nailing the tiles in place. This process typically requires a professional and adds to the overall cost of the ceiling. MirroFlex tiles come in either glue-up or lay-in forms, making installation a snap for most do-it-yourselfers.

Boston + Cracked Copper (MirroFlex)

Boston + Cracked Copper (MirroFlex)

Check out these comparisons:

Real Tin Tiles
• Typically requires professional installation
• Installation typically requires prepping the ceiling with plywood sheets or furring strips
• Cutting or trimming requires tin snips
• A clear lacquer must be applied to avoid oxidization
• The reflective value of the metal adds warmth and reflects light throughout the space
• Metal tiles can cause slight sound reverberations in the space
• Cleaning typically requires a light dusting
• Heat resistant

Faux Tin Tiles
• Can be installed by someone with beginner or intermediate skill level
• Tiles are easily applied directly to the ceiling
• Easily cut and trimmed with scissors
• Unaffected by water or moisture that may be present.
• Low to medium reflective quality—makes details of the tile stand out
• Faux tiles can dampen sound
• Cleaning typically requires a light dusting
• Fired rated

Faux tin offers all the look and charm of real tin without the downside of cost, labor, and design restrictions.  Whether you are going for that old-world charm or looking for a more contemporary look, Mirroflex ceiling tiles are sure to help you design for your “entire space.” For more information about our MirroFlex ceiling tiles and to see the hundreds of pattern and finish combinations, please visit the MirroFlex product page.