MirroFlex Q & A: BIO – How to Create a Seamless Look

Meet the BIO

Many MirroFlex Structures wall panels and ceiling tiles feature the BIO, or Built-In Overlap system. This system makes seams less visible and installation easy, fast, and forgiving. The BIO has flat edges on two adjoining sides of the panel. By orienting all sheets in the same direction and overlapping the panels, the seams are less noticeable. The placement of the sheet is also more flexible so that slight imperfections in the substrate will not affect the finished look.

Creating a Seamless Look

BIO is available in our backsplashes and most of our 4′ x 8′ wall panels and 2′ x 2′ ceiling tiles. When the BIO is put together, the seam becomes less visible, although not completely invisible if within a heavily textured pattern.  Some patterns have distinct horizontal and vertical lines where the BIO works exceptionally well at hiding seams in the design.

Bead + Button

Certain MirroFlex patterns feature the Bead + Button.  This overlapping feature uses a texture that allows the edge of the tile to nest into another tile. This renders the seam nearly impossible to see.  The Bead + Button feature works extremely well when installing an “Old World” or antique tin-style ceiling, where keeping the look and original charm is a priority.

Both BIO and Bead + Button help give walls or ceilings a more seamless look and make installation a snap.

Watch this short video to see what it’s all about!