Customize Your Images for Large-Format Digital Printing

Taking Fusion’s digital printing technology to another level

Make your designs more unique and personal with customization!

In a previous blog, we covered how ATI’s in-house graphic designers can manipulate stock images to suit your exact needs for a digital printing Fusion project.  Here, we will go into more detail about how we can customize your images for large-format digital printing.

When choosing a stock image, you have the option to customize!

Our talented team of graphic designers can customize a simple stock image either from our Idea Library, Shutterstock, or any other stock photo library to complete your design. The possibilities are practically limitless—below we will cover a few changes that can be made to help give you an idea of our capabilities.

Turning it into 3-D

With our digital capabilities, the design can be printed on both the front and backside of a clear substrate, producing a three-dimensional effect.

  • Simple manipulation that creates stunning 3-dimensional art overlays
  • First and second surface printing allows for easy separation of informational text or logos from images
  • Room dividers can deliver a unique look from both sides
  • Multiple stacked images give the illusion of depth and perspective
  • High-quality photography printing 

Adding a little extra–Spot white

Spot-white ink and special coatings offer additional dimensionality to your design.

  • Spot white is available with ATI’s direct digital program
  • White spot printing can go either under or over your color to achieve a block-out of the substrate or add visibility to your art
  • We offer a full range of in-house graphic design solutions

Manipulation– Scaling, retouching, & enhancements

Our in-house graphic designers are experts at bringing the best quality to your art.  A small image can often be transformed into a much larger finished product, limited only by quality and resolution.  As this example shows, this green leaf can be scaled to create a large room divider that compliments your space perfectly.

Design manipulation

Like a particular design, but want different colors or more colors? Our designers can change the colors in images, enabling you to match it with existing or new design schemes.  Simple patterns and designs can be brought to life by adding more or elements to enhance any design.

Murals–Panels that tell a story

Nearly seamless panels that fit any conference room, hallway, or elevators.  Large-format murals demand attention and create a memorable impact that people will remember.  Our graphic designers can help you create a larger-than-life mural that is beautiful and unique.

Finding your way

ATI will help you find the right solution for your design!

A common occurrence with stock imagery is finding a graphic you like–but maybe it’s not exactly right…Our Fusion graphic designers will work with you as a team to ensure that you receive the perfect image–and solution–for your project.

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