Fusion Stock Image Manipulation Part 1

ATI’s Fusion program allows you to combine artwork and a substrate to create a variety of architectural surface solutions, unique to your particular need and taste.  But, how do you choose and image?  Looking through pages and pages of stock images or trying to come up with a design of your own can be an overwhelming process.  That’s where we can help with our stock image manipulation services.

Many people have an idea of what they want a graphic to portray or the mood they want to create, but do not have a specific image in mind.  Stock imagery from our Idea Library or other websites like Shutterstock have many images and designs to choose from for basic inspiration.  A common occurrence with stock imagery is finding a graphic you like—but maybe it’s not exactly right.  Maybe you like the image, but not the particular color.  Maybe the scaling is off a bit.  Our in-house graphic designers can help to create your perfect image even if the one you picked out is not quite there.

ATI can provide stock image manipulation services to help you get exactly what you want out of an image.  Some changes to stock images can be easily accomplished like scaling and color changes.  We also have the ability for more in-depth manipulations like making an image appear 3 dimensional by printing with spot white on a transparent surface.  Whatever your need may be, our team will work to deliver the perfect image for you project.

Fusion Creative Services

Fusion Creative Services


At ATI, we strive to produce exactly what you want for your project.  Don’t feel confined to using a stock image as-is.  If there is something you do not like about an image or something you would like changed, chances are we can do it.