Light Diffusers

MirroFlex Light Diffusers are designed to replace existing prismatic diffusers in 15/16″ grid system light boxes and add up to 30% brighter, more pleasing light. Unlike most ceiling lights which direct light downward causing computer screen glare, diffusers direct light from side-to-side creating evenly dispersed illumination – ideal for office work environments.

Designed to fit 2′ x 2′ (Wavation pattern only) and 2′ x 4′ light box fixtures, our diffuers have tegular/revealed edges for easy installation. Interlink and Wavation patterns can be cut-to-size for use in almost any lightbox.

With a simple change to light diffusers, you can add a contemporary look to standard fluorescent light diffusers typically found in commercial interiors.

MirroFlex Light Diffusers

Basketweave Light Diffuser