Using Metal Laminate in Interior Design: NuMetal

Using metal laminate in interior design has become an increasingly popular choice of substrate across all industries from hospitality to retail to residential design.  It has versatility unlike any other material in producing creative, detailed interior designs.  In recent years, even the look and feel of metal laminate has adapted to meet the ever changing styles and needs of interior design, allowing it to be used almost anywhere.

Utilizing metal laminates in a design opens up the potential for virtually limitless applications while providing durability and longevity that outweighs many other substrates.

Because of its exceptional design flexibility,  metal laminates have become increasingly popular for use as wall coverings, column covers, room dividers and even as a statement piece in a room.

Black Mesh & Antique Copper Reeds (NuMetal)

Black Mesh & Antique Copper Reeds (NuMetal)

Hand painting metal laminates like the NuMetal Unique Art Collection creates a truly distinctive work of art that is eye-catching as well as functional.  The warmth of the colors and texture reflects energy, modernity, and adds flair to a minimalist design.

Using metal as a wall covering does not mean cold and sterile.  Rich copper is a hot trend for any interior as designers are bringing a modern feel to the traditional material. Classic copper tones with textures and antique finishes evoke a sense of warmth to a space.

Metal laminates work especially well in commercial environments– blending function, form, beauty, and style.  Different textures, finishes, and other innovative techniques are applied to NuMetal laminates that provide a unique touch to commercial designs.

Using different types of metals in functional ways can elevate a space while providing a timeless look.  In a restaurant, a copper bar front becomes the perfect durable surface with a look that harkens back to a by-gone era.

Metal laminates have helped transform the way we use metal in design by offering a wide range exciting colors, textures, and design.   It can be taken almost anywhere and used to add flair to wall coverings, surface coverings, furniture, retail fixtures, displays, and much more.