The Art of Creating Successful Retail Displays

In today’s face-paced world, it seems more difficult than ever for retail stores to grab people’s attention through displays.  That means that retailers have to work harder to create retail displays that attracts attention, communicates the store’s products, values, and branding all while remaining modular and cost-effective.

The main goal of displays is to attract customers. To accomplish this, displays must involve the potential customer by provoking feelings and communicating feelings.  There are many ways to achieve this and current trends show the most successful displays have elements of storytelling, an inventive use of materials, playful use of pattern and texture, a projection of energy, and an unexpected element of surprise.

While most of these goals can be filled through props and actual merchandise, the material, color, texture, and pattern utilized on various surfaces like walls, partitions, and columns unites the design, creating a complete look.  Typically, paint is the go-to material for changing the walls and surfaces of displays; however, other substrates can create more impact and can be just as easy to install and change.

ATI has a host of products that are cost-effective—great for temporary displays—and can be modular—great for updates.

Displays can be simple and elegant but still attract attention through their use of texture, color and pattern.  Classic patterns like Damask paired with warm tones like beige linen create a clean, classic style that is eye-catching but lets the merchandise remain the focal point.

Retail / Birch + LuxCore (Fusion)

Retail / Birch + LuxCore (Fusion)

Nature-inspired designs and graphics make people feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  Using naturals in displays not only adds texture and pattern, it draws upon people’s inherent connection to nature, making them feel confident and at ease in a store.  In addition, transparent substrates like LuxCore help to keep the store space open and spacious.

ATI’s Fusion program allows retailers to create a one-of-a-kind graphic available on a variety of substrates from aluminum to Sintra.  This custom-tailored solution ensures that the display is promoting exactly what the store sells and creating an environment that attracts a target audience.

A successful retail display grabs people’s attention through a thoughtful use of design, color, texture, material, and interaction.  Different stores execute this vision in different ways depending on the type of merchandise, audience, values, and branding.  ATI offers materials with a variety of pattern, textures, design options, and customization to suit any retailer wishing to create unique displays that can be modular, are cost-effective, and of course, promote purchases.