The Formula (Pictured) | Diamond Rose Gold - 212 DIA (NuMetal, Divine Elements Collection)

Why Rose Gold Interiors Are Here To Stay in 2019 and Beyond

Trends, by definition, have a limited lifespan. Rarely do trends in high fashion last longer than a couple of years—interior design is similar. Every once in a while, though, a trend outlasts all style projections to become a true classic. Rose Gold is one of those rare finishes that has consistently maintained high sales despite outgoing trend predictions. The finish is so well-loved that it’s become shorthand for an entire generation. You can find the color incorporated into everything from hair dye to architecture. Rose Gold’s allure is undeniable, but what makes it so enduring?

The Rise of the Rose Gold Trend

Perhaps the easiest way to analyze Rose Gold is to go back to its’ emergence. The color originally caught the attention of jewelry designers in 2012, but became a truly mainstream colorway in 2015. That’s the same year Apple introduced the iPhone 6S in—you guessed it—Rose Gold. While Samsung had already launched a Rose Gold Galaxy Note three years prior, Apple’s influence pushed the color’s popularity over the edge. Pantone even named Rose Quartz their color of the year in 2016, which bore a striking resemblance to Rose Gold and millennial pink.

2016 could have easily been the peak in Rose Gold’s popularity, but stylist predictions alone don’t define how trends play out in real-time. What tastemakers couldn’t have predicted was how fiercely Rose Gold would be embraced by the public. Even as Pantone’s color predictions have gone in drastically different directions, the demand for this pink-toned metallic has not wavered.


The Formula (Pictured) | Waterfall Rose Gold - 212 HM5 (NuMetal, Divine Elements Collection)

The Formula (Pictured) | Waterfall Rose Gold – 212 HM5 (NuMetal, Divine Elements Collection)

The New Neutral

Both men and women have grown to see Rose Gold as a new neutral, defying previously-established gender norms. In fact, when shoe brand Melissa Mar examined the best-selling products across 270 stores worldwide, they found that almost every product sold best in Rose Gold.

“We tried making our world best-selling product Melissa Mar sandals in lilac this season, because we tried to see what the consumer wants, but the lilac version didn’t sell at all, and we had to increase our stock of this shoe in Rose Gold,” said Melissa’s global marketing director, Raquel Scherer, in a BBC interview. This is no surprise to us. Whether Rose Gold is shown as a metal finish or a fabric swatch, the shade is universally flattering. As long as people treat Rose Gold as a central neutral tone in their wardrobes, they’ll treat it the same in their homes, offices, and more.

Sense of Opulence

Another reason Rose Gold remains popular is the effortless sense of luxury this finish embodies. Whether Rose Gold leans towards pinky-red or copper, the warmth, glow, and shine is undeniable. There is something simultaneously natural and ethereal about Rose Gold—especially when thoughtfully used in interior design applications.

For style-conscious designers, Rose Gold will remain a staple. Why? Perhaps because it’s just different enough—gold, silver, and copper have often been the default. Rose Gold lets others know that you are fashion-forward and care about aesthetics. The most unique trait of Rose Gold, however, is its ability to toe the line between opulence and comfort.


The Formula (Pictured) | Rose Gold - 212 (NuMetal, Divine Elements Collection)

The Formula (Pictured) | Rose Gold – 212 (NuMetal, Divine Elements Collection)

Peace in a Chaotic World

In fact, Rose Gold would likely not enjoy continued popularity if not for this sense of comfort. People associate color with feelings, often unconsciously. Anyone can be attracted to any color for a number of reasons—all difficult to quantify. However, no one can deny how a color makes them feel. Just ask Leatrice Eiseman, a color expert and executive director of the Pantone Institute. In an interview with Wired, she said, “When we get to the rose family, we get these same kinds of verbiage: Compassion, composure, warmth, something that draws you in that has great appeal.”

Perhaps this is why Rose Gold is still gaining popularity in commercial and home furnishings. Some will argue that dusty pink metallic has peaked in fashion, but many fashion-forward home improvement retailers have only recently began stocking hardware and accessories in this colorway. So many interior design trends are completely contradictory to the state of the world. Hygge, minimalism, and even rustic décor all reflect a desire to find serenity in everyday life. Rose Gold is no different. As long as designers and architects seek to create environments of restoration, Rose Gold will remain relevant for interiors.


The Formula (Pictured) | Diamond Rose Gold – 212 DIA (NuMetal, Divine Elements Collection)

Ready to Incorporate Rose Gold into Your Space?

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