MirroFlex: Innovative Solutions for Retail Design

As most already know, the design and look of a retail store has a major impact on how customers react when entering a space.  Paying attention to store design can help make or break its success.  A design that is in-tune with today’s trends, piques customers’ interest and showcases a brand concept–leaving a lasting impression long after the transaction is complete.

Retailers have to design to intrigue, while also using products that can withstand the high traffic environment.  MirroFlex provides a durable surface for walls, wainscoting, and furniture that is decorative and eye-catching.

MirroFlex can provide everything a designer is looking for when selecting materials for retail design.  These laminate panels come in a variety of textured patterns and finishes, allowing it match any new or existing design.  The versatility and ease of installation are a designers dream—not only does it cut down on labor, it can cover virtually any architectural surface.

Retailers can create a signature “look” and brand using MirroFlex that customers will remember.  Even with a white finish, the pattern and texture gives walls character while allowing products to stand out.  Columns are no contest for MirroFlex because this textured laminate can bend and flex around curved surfaces without creasing or breaking.

MirroFlex is perfect for display windows.  Not only are they easy to install and change out, its textured surface creates depth and adds variety to a space.  Layering different textures has a pleasing effect on people.  When paired with earth tones different textural elements can make stores more welcoming.  Using textures on outward facing displays creates an interesting visual for passersby and draws them into the store.

This unique candy store needed an economical material that was easy to install, durable, and would help make the product pop.  MirroFlex Dome 3 in gloss white was the perfect choice.  The white helps the product stand out and the pattern mimics gumballs—giving the store a fun and playful feel.

Dome 3 + Gloss White (Paintable), Lick Candy Store

Dome 3 + Gloss White (Paintable), Lick Candy Store

 MirroFlex works great for wrapping around the front of counters and kickplates. Their durability can withstand high traffic and abuse that often occurs in these areas. This Harley-Davidson store opted for a more industrial look using metallic finishes to complete the design.

Harley-Davidson Greensboro

Fusion and MirroFlex Products, Harley-Davidson Greensboro

 MirroFlex textured, decorative laminates are great for use in retail environments. The textures, colors, durability, and easy installation make them an ideal choice to complete a retail design that will keep customers coming back time and again.