Hygge Décor: Two Unique Ways to Achieve Coziness at Home

Hygge (pronounced HOO-gah), is the Danish embodiment of coziness. The word “hygge” has become a manifesto for comfort-seekers the world over. Ever since “The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking landed state-side, many Americans have become intrigued by this concept. You may have even heard interior designers and influencers talk about Hygge homes. But precisely what makes a home (or any other space, for that matter) hygge?

Hygge may not have a direct translation in English, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spot it if you see it. Comfy blankets and warm beverages are naturally hygge. However, the most hygge rooms of all incorporate relaxing colors and texture in other ways. Neutral tones and craftsmanship are hallmarks of hygge because they are easy to live with. They create a space you want to savor. Visitors may not notice bold motifs, but they will feel welcome. MirroFlex from ATI offers many unique options perfect for this style of Danish decor.

Warm Wood Paneling

Wood paneling has gotten a bad rap for years, but this is exactly the type of accent you can use to warm up your home. Light, natural wood accents are commonly found in Danish design. What we like about the example below is that it takes those natural wood tones and gives them a modern twist. MirroFlex in Ariel + Washed Oak unites the existing wood floor with more contemporary fixtures. The pattern uses soft curves and symmetry harmoniously. The finish remains light and fresh, unlike its 1970’s counterparts. It’s a recipe for indulgent, casual comfort.

The Formula (Pictured) | Ariel + Washed Oak (MirroFlex Wall Panels)

The Formula (Pictured) | Ariel + Washed Oak (MirroFlex Wall Panels)


Subtle Bead Board

Bead Board is a classic wall treatment that never goes out of style. In the Southeast, bead board paneling is often associated with rustic farmhouse décor. This versatile paneling works great for hygge décor, too! For example, check out the kitchen installation below. This kitchen used MirroFlex in Bead Board + Gloss White Paintable next to modern art and soft pastels to create an adorably dreamy nook. The gloss white finish is not only visually crisp, but also easy to clean—making it perfect for any high-traffic area.

The Formula (Pictured) | Bead Board + Gloss White Paintable (MirroFlex Wall Panels)

The Formula (Pictured) | Bead Board + Gloss White Paintable (MirroFlex Wall Panels)


Hygge Your Way

Hygge is as much of a mindset as it is a design style, so it’s easy to make it your own. As long as your home feels inviting and comfortable, there’s no wrong way to hygge. While you’re figuring out your own personal hygge style, check out all of the great MirroFlex wall panel options available. If you’re already feeling inspired, contact an ATI Customer Service Representative. They’ll help you decide which MirroFlex products work best for your home.


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