Home Bars that are Stylish and Functional

Guest Blog by Katherine Oakes from Modernize

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’ve stocked a cabinet full of booze, spirits, and mixers that would impress even the best mixologist, then it’s time you take your supplies out of hiding and give them a proper place to live: in your own home bar. Whether you are entertaining guests with elaborate cocktails or just pouring yourself a glass, your home bar should be a space that you love, as well as a focal point of your home.

At Modernize, we don’t think you should have to sacrifice style for function, so we came up with a few ways to combine the two, easily making your home bar your favorite place to be…for more reasons than one.

Charleston + Muted Gold (MirroFlex)

Charleston + Muted Gold (MirroFlex)

Retro Elements

Creating your own home bar can be as simple as repurposing a bit of unused space to hold bottles of liquor, shakers, and a sleek stirring spoon or two. Utilize some empty space on the edge of your kitchen counter to section off as your new mini bar and take advantage of the backsplash to use as decor. This gold art deco style ATI Laminate backsplash can give it that old world feel and turn your home bar into an even cooler experience.  Short on countertop space? Use the backsplash tiles on the back of an old bookcase or cabinet and stock it with all your home bar essentials.

Give it Wheels

Who says your home bar needs to stay put? If you are lucky enough to find an authentic old-style bar cart, then you won’t need much else besides a swanky set of silverware to pull it all together. However, any other kind of industrial cart will work as a stylish and functional piece to store your spirits when any old cabinet just won’t do. Apply a chic yet muted color of paint for a cool and understated look, or spruce the cart up with a bold and bright color that will make it pop. Once you’ve finished, wheel it to wherever you need, whether it’s out of the way or into the middle of the party.

Blend In

Sometimes what’s meant to be a big and impressive home bar can be cumbersome and over the top. Instead, keep it simple by choosing a piece that blends in well with its surroundings to create an understated and sophisticated look and as a bonus can easily be repurposed. Pick a minimal and stylish table to top with your collection of elixirs and then remove all but the coasters when you’re ready to take your home bar elsewhere. It’s an easy and efficient way to have your mini bar and the freedom to redecorate whenever you want.

Have a Seat

What’s better than having your own home bar? Having your own home bar with your own bar stools. Find a few sleek seats to populate your mini bar with that will look great on their own and function perfectly when guests come over. Not only will it make your space look a lot better, but it will also make you look like you know what you’re doing. Now just to figure out how to mix those cocktails…