COVID-19 Solutions

To help businesses navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, ATI Decorative Laminates has developed two new products and has other resources that will protect consumers, patients and employees.

Acrylic Divider Panels

To help protect against COVID-19, we have developed Acrylic Divider Panels. These sturdy panels are perfect for retail, healthcare, hospitality and any area where face-to-face interactions require a barrier. They are available in a stock size of 24″ by 30″ with a choice of logo or graphics. Custom sizes are available. Contact our Customer Service Department to discuss your size requirements and receive a quote. All sizes come with black or silver footers.


The most recent innovation by ATI is Deco-Defender (part of our Fusion line) . Using ATI’s LuxCore Plus (a translucent, decorative FRP panel) as an insert into a framed aluminum system, it provides a stylish accent piece that helps protect against the spread of COVID-19. It is perfect for hospitality, office spaces, healthcare facilities, fitness centers and more.
Key Features:
• All components are cleanable with anti-viral/heavy duty cleaners
• Stain, fingerprint, abrasion and chemical resistant
• Lightweight and easy to move
• Overall size with frame: 60” tall x 48” wide – choose an insert size; 32” x 48” or 48” x 48”
• Custom sizes available
• Choose from a curated set of designs (like the one shown in the image to the right) or choose the stock art from our library (
• You can also provide your own art/logos for custom options
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Repeated cleaning will not damage our most popular product
ATI’s MirroFlex line has been tested for compatibility with the use of anti-viral disinfectants that are used to kill the COVID-19 virus.
• Test completed by Diversey Hygiene Company
• Products were repeatedly wiped and soaked in three different disinfectants (Virex Plus, Oxivir Five 16 and Virex TB)
• MirroFlex products were shown to have no discoloration or damage to the finish
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Our Door Skins line has also passed a compatibility test.
• Tested with a wide variety of disinfectants used to kill the COVID-19 virus without showing discoloration or damage.
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Anti-Microbial coating available
According to U.S. Army researchers, harsh cleaners must be used every two hours to keep many healthcare surfaces free of bacteria, such as MRSA and VRE. For a lot of facilities, this frequency of cleaning is not feasible. ATI has the option of applying an anti-microbial coating to most of the clear substrates from its Fusion line, including the Deco-Defender products. With this coating, ATI’s products stop the growth of germs right on the spot.

New and Improved Face Protector
ATI Decorative Laminates continues to provide much needed protective equipment to help ensure the safety of front-line employees during the pandemic. We have developed a new face shield with additional features to provide greater comfort and mobility.

Face Protector Model 003 features a NEW Ergonomic shape (nominally 13”W x 9”D) for maximum mobility.

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This model features the following:

  • ANSI Z D 3 Certified
  • Special ergonomic shape allows for enhanced movement without sacrificing protection
  • Manufactured under a EUA pursuant Sec. 564 FDA & C, suitable for medical use as a splash guard against liquids
  • Single User Type
  • Can be cleaned without affecting Anti-Fog properties
  • Optically clear plastic with permanent Anti-Fog properties on both sides
  • 1 ½” ultra-thick, hypo-allergenic foam headband allows for eyewear and other PPE items to fit underneath
  • 1” wide, latex-free headband strap with 180% stretch to comfortably fit most users
  • Side and front protection against splash of liquids and pathogens. Our extra depth also protects the neck area
  • Box of 25 for $87.50
  • Orders ship for a flat rate of $25

Acrylic Divider Panel

MirroFlex Beehive

Door Skin Medium Walnut

Fusion Custom Image

Face Protector Model 003