Advantages of Digital Printing

In recent years, more and more people have turned to direct digital printing for their large format needs. This method of printing has taken the world by storm due to its many advantages that typically outweigh other forms of printing. Compared to other methods, digital printing provides high-quality, low-quantity economical options for its clients. This method of printing comes with many benefits that will help solve a variety of challenges:

Cost- When it comes to printing large formats, the cost of digital printing is typically lower than conventional methods.   Digital printing requires no intermediate steps and allows you to easily sample directly on your substrate of choice.   Because we print directly on the substrate you choose, stocked substrates have no minimum quantities, allowing you to buy exactly what you need without breaking the bank.

Easily Changed– Digital printing allows changes and manipulations to designs to happen right up until you are satisfied with the look of the product.  If a sample is printed and the image not satisfactory, it can be changed with minimal effort.  Digital data is easily stored and updated, so designs can change to suit the look and feel you need for your project.

Consistency- Digital printing is precise and consistent.  Once the image is printed and approved on the desired substrate, the image is digitally stored and retained for any future projects, remaining ready to reprint and match earlier projects.

Variety– Digital printers with UV inks allow for printing on a variety of substrates, and because they are UV stable, they have excellent color fastness even when used outdoors.  Almost anything that will fit in the printer can be printed from wood and glass to styrene and FRP – digital printing allows for a product that will suit anyone’s needs and budget.

Fast-Unlike other methods of printing where there is extensive set-up and preparation, digital printing is fast and accurate.  There are no pre-press stages between the digital file and the final print, speeding up the process.  Work is typically not rejected due to short notice, and we can usually print most jobs with a quick turnaround.

Most large format printing is used for marketing and advertising needs, but printing panels for interior design allows for endless creativity.  ATI’s Fusion program allows for the combination of art or graphics and an array of suitable substrates. We offer printing on a large variety of stocked substrates such as aluminum, FRP, wood, acrylic, and LuxCore as well as custom substrates, such as tile or 3D surfaces, for special orders creating solutions for many different challenges. In addition, our UV inks resist against fading due to sunlight, allowing for the added benefit of outdoor applications. With ATI’s Fusion Program’s digital printing capabilities, you can print murals, POP displays, door skins, cabinet and display inserts, and a variety of other applications in a short amount of time.  Long gone are the days where going to the printers was a lengthy, time-consuming, expensive process.  Fusion works for all projects big or small with our low-minimum order quantities and short lead times. Let digital printing become your interior design, advertising, or marketing tool!