Frosted Fusion Collection

ATI Decorative Laminates’ Frosted Fusion Collection offers a variety of exclusive designs combined with a variety of transparent substrates to create the look of frosted glass – all at a surprisingly attractive price point.

Our Fusion clear substrates are easy-to-install and available in 4′ x 8′ size, in various thicknesses. These substrates include Acrylic and Polycarbonate. When combined with these substrates, the Frosted Fusion Collection is perfect for divider panels, semi-private panels, wall panels, retail displays, inserts, and more. No matter how Frosted Fusion is used to divide space, the collection’s visual weightlessness doesn’t divide attention. It’s truly the icing on the cake of any room design.

Important Note:
Our Acrylic and Polycarbonate substrates are available with ArmorCoat. If you order a sample printed on Acrylic or Polycarbonate, we will provide your requested custom sample, as well as a stock coated sample with ATI’s ArmorCoat.

What is ArmorCoat? ATI’s ArmorCoat acts as a protective primer, offering high resistance to abrasion, chemicals, harmful UV rays, and graffiti. Click here to review our ArmorCoat Protective Coating Tech Sheet.

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