Millis & Main Apartments Clubhouse

How long did it take to install?
Less than a day.

Who completed the installation?
The product was installed by a contractor – very simple to do with J- trim.

How did you come up with the design?
This accent wall in this apartment clubhouse is part of a larger space consisting of a concrete floor, painted wood work, numerous glass windows and transoms, and contemporary furniture and lighting. We were in search of a rich accent wall material to enliven the space and create a strong focal point. Vinyl wallcovering was not an option, as we desired more texture and drama. MirroFlex was the perfect solution for this space, as it gives the appearance of a rich metal without the cost that would come with the “real thing.”

Were there any challenges?
The ceiling height is close to 10’ tall, and our design required a seamless appearance. The fact that many offerings in MirroFlex are available in the larger 10’ high size was a big asset.

What was the end goal?
As part of the design of the overall apartment community, design consideration is limited by budget. MirroFlex gave us the look we were after at a fraction of the cost!

Why did you choose this product from ATI?
Aesthetic and cost.

Would you use it again?
Of course!

Any other comments?
Proud to be a supporter of a Greensboro manufactured product and a fellow Greensboro-based company!