Jackpot Joanie's

Jackpot Joanie’s is a micro- franchise in Las Vegas that recently enlisted the help of Complex Builders, Inc. to renovate a number of its locations in an effort to create a greater sense of brand unity.

The Design Challenge:

The design team wanted to incorporate the look of a corrugated metal ceiling without the installation challenges that a rigid material presents. So ATI studied the intricate details of corrugated metal – depth, dimensions, textures, and colors — and created a new custom mold that mimicked the original material.

Our Solution:

Once CAD drawings were approved, ATI manufactured the tiles in an attractive crosshatch silver finish. “The finished product resembled a metal corrugated panel that complied with a Class A Fire Rating and weight criteria for a suspended ceiling product, and was extremely easy to work with,” said Sherman Isensee of Complex Builders. “In instances where we required additional rigidity in the panels for ceiling-mounted elements, we simply used a vinyl ceiling tile as a backer to the plastic panels.”

Jackpot Joanie’s was pleased with the look and placed orders for a number of its locations, thanks to ATI’s ability to provide custom services in-house and execute the project from concept to completion.

  • YEAR 2014
  • LOCATIONLas Vegas, NV
  • PRODUCTMirroFlex™ Structures Ceiling Tiles
  • FORMULACorrugated + Crosshatch Silver
  • DESIGNERComplex Builders
  • CATEGORY , ,