Feature Blog: “Retail Design Strategies for Health Care”

Healthcare design has changed exponentially in the past few decades.  What was once thought of as an industry that meant cold and sterile now means warm and inviting.  A more recent development in the industry is retail-based healthcare.  This is generally focused around retail health clinics seen in stores like Walgreen’s and Target.

Aspen Forest Mural + LuxCore (Fusion)

Aspen Forest Mural + LuxCore (Fusion)

These retailers have learned to leverage their retail design strategies to incorporate a healthcare space that promotes health and well-being while also being customer-focused.  A recent article by Sarah Bader in Health Facilities Management outlines how retailers are following simple design traits–accessible, specific, clear, nimble, virtual, and visible–to create retail health environments that attract customers and influences behavior.  Read the full article here: “Retail Design Strategies for Health Care”