Walls, Caseworks, & Partitions

Turn walls, casework, and partitions into statement pieces with LumiSplash. Create a unique and inviting environment that will capture guests’ attention with soft, illuminated walls. Use LumiSplash Double-Sided Design partitions to separate spaces in commercial office spaces or boutique retail environments. Create a focal piece installing LumiSplash into existing or new casework. LumiSplash walls, casework, and partitions can easily compliment a spa or hospitality environment with illuminated art and available dimmer accessory to tailor the space’s ambiance with a simple adjustment.

How to Order Your LumiSplash Sample:

LumiSplash samples are made to order. Please give us a call at 800.849.1320 ext. 2252, or email us at You can also use our Live Chat feature, located at the bottom of the screen.