White Bathroom Subway Tile
Whether you’re an experienced DIY-er or a newly minted weekend warrior, you may be wondering if there is an easier way to achieve the look of classic subway tile in your tub and shower. After all, tile is notoriously difficult to install. Homeowners now have more options than ever to get the look they want,
In recent years, more and more people have turned to direct digital printing for their large format needs. This method of printing has taken the world by storm due to its many advantages that typically outweigh other forms of printing. Compared to other methods, digital printing provides high-quality, low-quantity economical options for its clients. This method
Healthcare design has changed exponentially in the past few decades.  What was once thought of as an industry that meant cold and sterile now means warm and inviting.  A more recent development in the industry is retail-based healthcare.  This is generally focused around retail health clinics seen in stores like Walgreen’s and Target. These retailers have learned to leverage
BACKGROUND: Cresta Shopping Centre is the premier mall located in Randburg, South Africa, right outside Johannesburg.  Built in 1977, the mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the Southern Hemisphere.  It has experienced many renovations over the years, the last dating back to 1993.  Since then, more than half a billion people have
Taking Fusion’s digital printing technology to another level Make your designs more unique and personal with customization! In a previous blog, we covered how ATI’s in-house graphic designers can manipulate stock images to suit your exact needs for a digital printing Fusion project.  Here, we will go into more detail about how we can customize your images for large-format
How can you make smarter decisions that drive this principle? By Sandy Gordon Article reposted  from Interiors & Sources  How has the healthcare industry responded to the need to improve patient satisfaction and promote healing? By redesigning their facilities to make them feel more like a grand hotel than an institution, by adding art, and by
Choosing the right colors for your home is more than just completing a look; color has the power to change the way you feel.  Warm colors are known to create a more comforting and relaxed environment, while cool colors offer different ranges of soothing to rejuvenating energy. Neutral, earth-like colors tend to bring out a
ATI can help YOU find the right solution for your design! Every day, ATI’s Fusion Team relies on Digital Printing and Dye-Sublimation to achieve our customers’ goals of creating decorative wall panels, unique furniture surfaces, and beautiful room dividers. Whether you’re looking for a quality photo image, a custom pattern, an engaging organic design or a
Let’s Be Clear Architects and interior designers love to use translucent materials in commercial and residential spaces for its ability to blend into the design of almost any room without blocking light. Translucent design elements can include wall panels, retail displays, and room dividers as well as cabinet inserts and furnishings. While colors and finish material trends
Set the Mood The right lighting can convey a certain mood. To make the most of a space, it is recommended to layer three kinds of lighting: ambient, task and accent. Ambient lighting is a hidden source of light that washes a room with a glow, flattening an interior while creating little to no shadow. It can
Over the past few decades, healthcare design has transitioned from cold and sterile to warm and comfortable, using evidence-based design to focus more on creating a healing environment for the patient than anything else. When the patient is a child, these spaces must deliver the same messages of confidence, permanence, and healing in a non-institutional
Dirty, stained, crumbly Everybody has seen them, the ceiling tiles found in basements or commercial spaces, the greyish-white rectangle with small black specks and water stained with yellow-brown circles, maybe a busted corner or two – you know what we are talking about.   Where it all started With the creation of the dropped ceiling almost 100
With more focus than ever on the entire design of a space, ceilings are no longer being neglected with just a coat of white paint. Designing for the entire space allows for a complete look that is eye-catching and unique. One of the hottest trends for ceiling solutions is tin or metal tile ceilings. This
Metals in design are no longer left to minimalism and industrial styles but easily incorporated into all design styles and applications. Metal laminates are sought out for their beauty and durability. When looking at unbacked metal laminate options for your next project, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration such as installation, resilience, and customization.
Renovating a bathroom is often at the top of to-do lists by property owners all over. Homeowners, and even hotel owners, look to upgrading a bathroom to increase property value and appeal. Other times, a bathroom renovation is needed because there is just too much mold and mildew to take on, plumbing problems, or the


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