Unique Workspace Designs

A well thought out working environment can help improve the company’s performance and the daily mood of its employees. The objects that are around us for the most part of the day play a bigger role than most people realize. An open space where people look forward to entering should be part of every corporation’s philosophy.

Here are some ideas that businesses can apply to create a more practical working environment.

Ginkgo Reeds, Yellow + Glass (Fusion)

Ginkgo Reeds, Yellow + Glass (Fusion)

Art as Inspiration

It’s a proven fact that artwork can consciously and subconsciously influence people’s moods and energy on a daily basis. You don’t have to put the traditional “teamwork” poster in the hallway to create an inspiring workspace to make your employees feel good. Try thinking outside of the box and use the walls as large format murals with beautiful landscapes, skylines or other breathtaking views to bring the outside in.


Fewer Walls and Open Space

Cubicles seem to be a thing of the past, as knocking down walls promotes interaction and develops new collaborations among workers and allows sunlight from windows to go through the rest of the office.Besides making a small space look bigger, the open office trend promotes competiveness among employees. If you see your co-workers working harder chances are you will also. An open space also facilitates the free movement of people within the building. There are no objects in the way or anything blocking the flow or the mobility of your employees. Use glass walls in offices with graphic art printed on the glass, or translucent room dividers with nature-themed designs.


To help avoid creating a sterile big room, movement can also be added with neutral textured walls or ceilings along with splashes of color to help the eye move vertically along the room. Carefully considering your finishes can amplify this effect – a consistent color theme throughout will bring everything together. You can also add tones of wood and metal to make the design elements more natural. Decorative wall panels can substitute for accent walls or backsplashes in communal spaces.


You can go big and try all three or start small with a partial application of one of our suggestions. Be sure to check out our photo gallery to get more ideas.  It is certain to create a more meaningful workspace and a creative extension of your brand. Extroverts might prefer a more open design while introverts a more private one. Whatever the case might be, designing your office space is to comprehend what works for the whole team and what will help your company reach its fullest potential.