Decorative Acoustic Ceilings: Innovative Noise Absorption Solution

According to the 2015 State of Dining in America survey from Restaurant Development + Design Magazine, results show that loud noise was the second most irritating aspect of what makes people not enjoy their dining experience. Controlling sound is an important aspect in interior design, because it has a major impact on how people feel in a particular environment, and avoid those awkward situations. Whether its retail, healthcare facilities, spas, classrooms, office spaces, restaurants, hotels or even residential spaces – ATI’s new MirroFlex™ Decorative Acoustic Ceilings are perforated and the perfect solution for noise absorption, with the added benefit of beautiful designs to enhance your space.

Deeply Textured, Captivating Designs
Unlike most acoustic ceiling tiles which are flat and plain, our MirroFlex decorative acoustics are very affordable, and can provide everything a designer is looking for when selecting decorative materials that control sound. With over 40, three-dimensional designs available, ranging from the most conventional to cutting edge, these tiles leave a lasting impression. All designs come in black or white, both in black or matte options. If you really want to kick-it-up a notch by adding some color to your space, choose the white finish (as it is paintable) and make it a cool DIY project!

These Class-A fire rated tiles are lightweight and easy-to-install. Available in 2’ x 2’ lay-in ceiling applications, the versatility and ease of installation are a designer’s dream – enticing for both new projects and renovations. These perforated tiles can be used with existing mineral fiber, eliminating the need to discard current materials and provide a higher NRC* rating when used in combination.

Discover all of the possibilities our MirroFlex decorative acoustics can offer you when designing your next project!

*NRC rating indicates the object’s capacity to deplete sound. The closer it is to the number one, the more sound waves reflect from its exterior. NRC Testing Data is available on our website.

Store Category Image - Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Store Category Image – Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles