Nature Themed Designs in the Hospitality Industry

Designers in the hospitality industry are increasingly blurring the lines between the inside and outside worlds with nature themed components.  Wood paneling, abstract nature designs, floral wall textures and natural light create a balance that allows the natural flow of energy throughout the space evoking positive emotions and a sense of tranquility.

The basic aspect of the “home away from home” feeling is comfort.  Even more than leisure or convenience, a warm inviting environment is the leading aspect of interior design.  Business owners are adding “natural” elements that are more familiar to the client to add organic features like leaves, botanicals, trees, water and earthy colors.  Transform the kitchen of a hotel suite using cabinet inserts with heavy duty translucent product that a nature-themed design.

Fusion Custom Art + LuxCore, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Fusion Custom Art + LuxCore, Johns Hopkins Hospital


As first impressions are everything, there is an increased focus on the design of the hotel lobby or restaurant bar area – the space where guests sit and wait, stare aimlessly at their phones, or gaze at their surroundings while having a quick bite.  Be creative with lighting and try an illuminated laminate with a custom design for a bar front or ceiling application. There are many innovative ways to bring nature’s beautiful elements indoors without imagery.  Organic “bubbling” shapes in a subtle metallic finish brings the feeling of a calming stream indoors, evoking tranquility.  Instead of installing a bathtub surround, try creating a larger scale by using deeply textured decorative wall panels as an accent wall in a hotel bathroom to give guests a rejuvenating experience.

While the hospitality industry is understanding the correlation between the environment and people’s emotions, they try to create more memorable and meaningful experience with nature themed designs.