ATI’s New Lightweight Ceiling Tiles Ready to Compete with Industry Heavyweights

The year may have just begun, but ATI Decorative Laminates is wasting no time releasing their latest innovative ceiling tiles. MirroFlex Lite is ATI’s newest value-conscious ceiling solution. The original MirroFlex Structures line has long been coveted as a durable, beautiful, and affordable option for designers and architects. With MirroFlex Lite, ATI has successfully combined many of their MirroFlex Lay-In Ceiling Tile patterns with 18 of our most popular finishes into one sleek .013” thick package. The result is their most economical ceiling solution to date.

Office ceiling using Faux Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles from MirroFlex Lite.

The Formula | Faux Mineral Fiber (MirroFlex Lite)


At first glance, one could be forgiven for mistaking MirroFlex Lite for the traditional MirroFlex Structures formula. However, the difference is clear once MirroFlex Lite is in your hands. This product line is ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin, and even more flexible than before.

“Our customers have been requesting a lighter MirroFlex formula for quite some time,” said Tara Burgio, President of ATI Decorative Laminates. “We took the time to dial in our formula and get it just right. I think designers will be pleased with MirroFlex Lite.”


MirroFlex Ceiling TIle Install in a bar setting. The Formula | Wavation + Gloss White Paintable (MirroFlex Lite)

The Formula | Wavation + Gloss White Paintable (MirroFlex Lite)


Some MirroFlex Lite finishes are also available as a Drop-Out Ceiling Tile, specifically designed to fall out of 15/16” grid systems when exposed to heat from a developing fire. These Drop-Out Ceiling Tiles provide a sleek, seamless look for commercial ceilings by hiding fire sprinklers, protecting sprinklers from accidental knocks and tampering.

Customers can learn more about MirroFlex Lite by visiting Physical samples can be ordered online at by calling ATI directly at 800.849.1320.