LumiSplash LED Retail Display and Mural

Making a Splash with Custom Retail Lighting

Retailers often focus heavily on the layout and fixtures in their stores, but retail lighting can often be an afterthought. Why not start with more bold lighting choices? After all, creative lighting schemes are an incomparable way to add ambiance and draw attention to your store. You can guide customers through your showroom space while connecting with them on an emotional level.

Thanks to ATI’s advancements in illuminated graphics, retailers have more choices than ever to create the mood that matches their brand. Our one-of-a-kind LumiSplash decorative laminates combine custom art with lighting in a durable laminate that’s perfect for high-traffic areas. Anyone can use this technology to improve their customer experience.

Front Desk Sales Counter with LED Lighting

How to Use LumiSplash to Illuminate Your Retail Strategy

Choose a Temperature

Many of us know how room color can affect our mood, but did you know that the color of lighting also plays a psychological role? Different kinds of bulbs and setups have different “temperatures,” each with their own effects. “Warm” light promotes a calm feeling that invites visitors to come in and stay a while; a great way to simulate a feeling of familiarity. By comparison, “Cool” light is a more stimulating, energizing light that can give a clean look reminiscent of mid-day sun; perfect for making small spaces appear bigger. The color of light you choose will not only affect the color of your merchandise, but also affect how customers behave in your store. (Source: Shopify)

The LED light strips used in LumiSplash are 6500 Kelvin, which means that they have a naturally cool appearance reminiscent of mid-afternoon daylight. Using these lights with a cool-toned or neutral image will instantly energize an area, while using them with a warm-toned image relaxes your space. The artwork you choose for your LumiSplash panels will set the tone of your retail space—both figuratively and literally. No matter what tone you choose, the LED lights used in LumiSplash will keep your products looking true to color.

Match the Lighting Strategy to Your Brand

Most of the time, a light isn’t a statement about your brand; it’s just a light. We’ve already talked about how the color of light can subconsciously affect people who visit your store. What about the conscious effects, though? Chances are, you’re already using graphics as part of your in-store experience. With LumiSplash, you have the unique opportunity to combine graphic elements such as logos and photography with your in-store lighting. This is a great way to implement photography and branded materials you already have. Still building your brand’s graphics? ATI has a large idea library of photos and textures for you to choose from, as well as the ability to create brand new custom artwork for our clients. The opportunities to customize LumiSplash are endless.

Worried about committing to an image that will look dated as time passes? The imagery is easy to snap in-and-out of frame, so you can change up your LumiSplash illuminated laminates as often as you’d like; no commitment required. Since changes are easy and inexpensive to make, decorating with LumiSplash is ideal for stores whose merchandise rotates with seasons and trends.

Layer Your Lighting to Draw Attention to Specific Areas

Different kinds of people react differently to various levels of light. In general, calm types prefer even, uniform, warm lighting. Adventurous types are naturally drawn to more contrasting, cool environments with spotlights and accents. (Source: Lux Review) LumiSplash has the flexibility to be used both ways. You can use LumiSplash as wide-area shelf backlighting in tandem with your overhead lights to add a soft glow around your entire store. Alternatively, you can use LumiSplash selectively as an accent to draw attention to certain areas. Either way, layer your lights so that they’re not quite uniform. Think about the overhead fluorescents in the most well-known box stores and go for the opposite effect. You’re creating a higher-end look instead.

Whether you use LumiSplash selectively or for an all-over effect, the light will be diffused through beautiful custom graphics. The vertical illuminance of each panel helps customers find their way around your shop more easily and gives them incentive to walk around and shop. Both strategies offer ample opportunity for creativity and personalization.

LumiSplash LED-Lit Motorcycle Mural

Bring Your Vision to Light

A winning retail strategy involves more than your products and the layout of your store. You can use thoughtfully placed lighting to stand out from the crowd while creating a more welcoming customer experience. LumiSplash makes it easy to create an ambiance your customers will remember on a conscious and subconscious level. Whether you choose a design from our idea library or use custom branded graphics, you’re investing in a memorable retail experience that keeps customers in your store longer and increases your profit margin.

Curious to learn more about how LumiSplash can elevate your retail space? Talk to an ATI representative today. We’ll guide you through developing a winning strategy.