Custom Artwork + White Gloss Aluminum, Cresta Shopping Centre

Improving the Look and Function of Commercial Elevators

Commercial elevators face an extraordinary amount of daily wear and tear. They are as ubiquitous in our daily lives as they are taken for granted.  Each morning, countless individuals take elevators down from apartments and up into office buildings. They are a regular fixture in our routines. Despite the prevalence of elevators in our daily lives, we rarely stop to think about improving the way elevators look. However, what if the way an elevator looked also improved this elevator’s function?


Custom Artwork + LuxCore, Albany Rennaisance

Why Beautify Your Elevators?

Elevators often give a distinct first impression to visitors. If your elevator interior needs some TLC, chances are that your building doesn’t look particularly welcoming. Dirty, dinged-up walls and doors stand out in people’s memories for all the wrong reasons. A fresh, stylish interior is the perfect way to make a positive first impression.

Elevators are also an inherently intimate and crowded space. Because of this, it doesn’t take much to make elevator passengers feel uncomfortable. Adding color and visual interest lightens the mood and provides a talking point for people riding in the elevator. The right graphics can transform the experience into something more fun.

When passengers exit the elevator and go on with their day, they’ll remember the experience. When they go home, would you rather have others discuss the “cool elevator” or the “creepy elevator?” Beautifying your elevator interior and exterior gives you the chance to become the talk of the town for all of the right reasons. It’s the perfect opportunity to highlight the positive qualities of your brand.

Awesome Elevator Design Inspiration – Real-Life Examples Using Fusion Substrates


Dunes Village Resort – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

One area that receives the most wear and tear in a resort or hotel is its elevators—and Dunes Village Resort was no exception. Years of abuse from travelers with large suitcases, families with strollers and small children, as well as general wear and tear demanded the replacement of the simple laminate that covered the cab walls. In addition, Dunes Village Resort wanted to stand out from the crowd, promote their brand, and bring the feel of the beach indoors through custom artwork.

LuxCore from ATI Laminates was the perfect solution for Dunes Village. This translucent FRP substrate was ideal for the hospitality environment because it passed sanitary codes, was easy to clean, and was also impact and scratch resistant—great for a family resort. As an added benefit, LuxCore’s translucent quality was perfect for ATI’s Fusion process which allows for custom imaging on the substrate. Dunes Village Resort was able to customize their elevator with one-of-a-kind, functional pieces of art—a truly unique, memorable element for their guests to enjoy.


Cresta Shopping Centre – Randburg, South Africa

Cresta Shopping Centre is the premier mall located in Randburg, South Africa, right outside of Johannesburg. Built in 1977, the mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the Southern Hemisphere. It has experienced many renovations over the years, the last dating back to 1993. Since then, more than half a billion people have made Cresta their shopping destination, making an upgrade necessary to the property. As part of their $30 million dollar refurbishment, they focused on beautifying the exteriors of their elevators.

The designers and architects on the project had already approved a particular design when they met Dean Armstrong from Ergosystems, a South African ATI distributor, who showed them what ATI could accomplish. They fell in love with his nature-inspired design scheme and overnight switched from their original concept to one featuring ATI’s Fusion program. ATI produced 10 different Fusion murals using a sublimation process to actually embed the images into white gloss aluminum. Not only did the substrate provide the necessary durability and impact resistance needed, but the glossy properties of the aluminum also allowed the images to pop off the walls. The finished design was a win/win for all involved. “Everyone is very happy with the outcome to the point that we’re now involved with the same client in multiple shopping centers”, said Armstrong. “Professional architects and designers see it as a masterpiece.”



Ready for an Elevator Remodel?

No matter the scope of your project, there’s an ATI Customer Service Representative ready to answer your questions. Take a look at our Idea Library for graphics ideas, or work with our Fusion team to create eye-catching custom artwork. We have the tools you need to create a durable, beautiful elevator solution. Speak with an ATI representative today to learn which ATI solution is right for you.