DIY Home Renovations

When designing different living spaces within a home, most people try to stick to neutral themes as a safety net to appeal to different guests. Your home should be a canvas for your creative expression. There are many unique ways you can be expressive when renovating your home, and still create inspiring designs that appeal to guests.

Transform Your Walls

Buying new wall art, curtains, decorative pillows for a splash of color, large area rugs or even a complete set of furniture are all some of the most common “go to” solutions to enhance a residential space. In order to truly transform your home, try starting with the walls.  Adding texture and dimension to your walls for full coverage or a simple accent wall creates depth in any room.

Bring your Imagination to Life

Customized designs are sweeping the interior design world. Instead of going to your local home décor store to purchase commonly used pieces of art or furniture, take your design to another level by creating something personal. Whether you’re inspired by nature, animals, abstract shapes, vibrant colors or unique wood grains. There are so many ways you can take what you love and add them as new designs around your home. Try designing a new headboard for your old bed, create a custom wall panels or bring family portraits to life as a mural. You can make every room in your home a unique space.

“The Heart of the Home”

In most households, the kitchen is “the heart of the home” . It’s one of the main places where friends and family members gather to socialize and eat. As kitchens are a major focal point in a home, you’re probably going to want to give it a facelift as the years go on.  Backsplashes and cabinet inserts are a major focal point. Many homeowners are starting to use custom translucent cabinet inserts or covering their entire kitchen with metal surfaces for a chic, contemporary look.  If you’re into the more subtle classic looks, choose a bold backsplash with a regal design.  Whatever you decide each time you switch it up, make sure you make a statement in one of the most popular areas of your home.  

Lumisplash Laminates, Birch Forest

Lumisplash Laminates, Birch Forest | Spa

 Contemporary Bathroom                                                                       

Bathrooms have become a major focal point in residential interior design. Homeowners are now giving their bathrooms a spa-like facelift to create a peaceful retreat after a long day. Spectacular tubs and showers are accompanied by beautifully textured accent walls, sinks now have a bold backsplash, and even the glass of stand-alone showers have unique designs.  Nature-themed designs in bathrooms often evoke a sense of tranquility, while designs with soft pastel colors bring a fresh, clean and rejuvenating look to any bathroom no matter how big or small.

The next time you’re planning a home renovation, consider a variety of customizable solutions that will create a more memorable and meaningful experience.