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Wavy Ceiling Tiles

Choose wavy ceiling tiles for a stylish and stunning touch! 

Wavy ceiling tiles offer a transformation to another dimension of creativity. They will take your plain commercial or residential room to exotic locations, with wavy ceiling tiles inspired by the desert, historical design, dogwood trees, and much more! Our wavy ceiling tiles come in 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ sizes, so you can upgrade almost any commercial or residential ceiling. 

MirroFlex™ wavy ceiling tiles can accentuate your space, providing you the flexibility to be creative with a wide range of patterns, finishes, and styles. Our wavy ceiling tiles can add to the dimension, texture, and visual interest you need to enhance the beauty and feel of any room.

Our wavy ceiling tiles come in 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' dimensions. Wavy ceiling tiles can also be interlocked with one another to expand the pattern for large spaces.

Our wavy ceiling tiles are available in a wide range of patterns, finishes, and styles.

Choosing Wavy Ceiling Tile Patterns

Wavy Ceiling Tiles can help you create an eye-catching and creative space, with a vast variety of patterns to suit almost any sensibility. Swirls, whirls, geometric styles, and of course, wavy patterns, highlight our wide selection, with patterns that recall the desert, the ocean, exotic locales and much more.

MirroFlex™ wavy ceiling tiles are opaque, thermoplastic 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' panels available in a wide range of patterns, finishes, and styles that are easy to install and can dramatically change a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or bath.

Our wavy ceiling tiles are also perfect for commercial applications. Wow your clients and elevate your space with a textured ceiling!

Choosing Wavy Ceiling Tile Finishes

Wavy ceiling tiles are available with a basic white finish ― ready to accept your design sensibilities ― or choose a metallic finish for a more industrial appearance. Our wavy ceiling tiles offer our BIO (built-in overlap) system, which virtually eliminates visible seams, for a professional touch

You can use the ATI MirroFlex™ Visualizer to experiment with all of our pattern and finish combinations on walls, ceilings, and counters.

Wavy Ceiling Tile Videos