ATI’s New Collection of Unbacked Aluminum

Metals in design are no longer left to minimalism and industrial styles but easily incorporated into all design styles and applications. Metal laminates are sought out for their beauty and durability. When looking at unbacked metal laminate options for your next project, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration such as installationresilience, and customization.

Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of unbacked metal laminates

Funky Cold Patina + Pebble Aluminum, Retail (Fusion Artful Metals)

Funky Cold Patina + Pebble Aluminum, Retail (Fusion Artful Metals)

Installation + Durability

With an unbacked metal, installation is simple. You don’t need specialized installers and fabricators because unbacked metals can adhere to just about any substrate – including drywall. Unbacked metals can be routed and fabricated to fit any installation, and counterbalancing is never needed. It can easily be wrapped around columns or other curved objects. Unbacked metals, such as aluminum, are lightweight and easily recycled.

Unbacked metal laminates have a thicker layer of metal than laminates with phenolic paper backing. This means when formed, the metal may maintain its shape and can be stronger against impacts, chemicals, stains, and abrasions due to this added thickness. Because of this durability, unbacked aluminum is a great choice for walls and signage.

Customization + Choices  

Unbacked metals, and specifically ATI’s unbacked aluminums, are easily customizable with our Fusion Technology. We can create just about any look using digital imaging and dye sublimation – looking for a rust but wish it was grey? We can do that! Need inspiration? Check out our Fusion Library – we are always adding to it and just recently announced our new Artful Metals collection. These are bright, patina-inspired, unbacked aluminum finish options available on 4′ x 8′ sheets.

Funky Cold Patina + Pebble Aluminum (Fusion Artful Metals)

Funky Cold Patina + Pebble Aluminum (Fusion Artful Metals)


We’ve also just introduced Pebble Aluminum. So what exactly is Pebble Aluminum? It is our new unbacked, 4′ x 8′, custom substrate with a stipple-like coating that creates a smooth, pebbled texture, adding depth and a realistic feel to the printed image while also increasing scratch and abrasion resistance. Our Pebble Aluminum is the perfect match for our Artful Metals collection, giving the patinas and rusts a more authentic look, yet retaining all the benefits of an unbacked aluminum.

If Pebble Aluminum is not the right substrate for your project, we also offer High-Gloss and Matte White Aluminum, perfect for images requiring detailed photo-realism. Fusion Swirl and Mill Satin are unbacked aluminum options that add an industrial look and are perfect for larger black and white images or murals. Additional flat substrate options are available as well, including Acrylic, Flat Aluminum, Clear PVC, FRP, LuxCore, Polycarbonate, Fusion Swirl, and wood.

We’re excited about our customizable unbacked aluminum options – have questions about how they can fit into your next project? Contact our Customer Service Representatives today and let us help you create something amazing.