MirroFlex Ceiling Tiles

MirroFlex Ceiling Tiles are opaque, thermoplastic square and rectangular panels available in a wide range of patterns, finishes, and styles. ATI offers three ceiling tile options so almost every installation situation can be accommodated: Glue-Up, Lay-In, and Acoustic/Perforated.

MirroFlex Ceiling Tiles (including Decorative Glue-Up and Lay-In Tiles, Decorative Acoustic Tiles, and Faux Mineral Fiber Tiles) are all easily cleanable and non-absorbent (waterproof) as well as meet or exceed the compliance requirements recommended by the USDA, State Health Departments, and the FDA. While these organizations do not specifically recommend products, an outline of requirements is provided and should be reviewed before any ceiling tile is to be installed over a food preparation area. For questions or more information regarding technical and safety data on MirroFlex Ceiling Tiles, please visit the Resources section of our website or contact an ATI Customer Service Representative at 800.849.1320. Be sure to contact a local health inspector for specific industry requirements.