Lake Orion Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

How long did it take to install? Were there any challenges?
Each panel took 8 hours to install, as they needed to recess the drywall for it to flush with the rest of the existing walls with zero protrusion into the hallway floor space. I was happy with the overall result.

Note: Installation time varies by product and application. Please contact your ATI Customer Service Representative at 800.849.1320 for product installation instructions or visit our website at

How did you come up with the design?
I wanted to bring nature in and create a picturesque escape for both the residents and staff strolling through the, otherwise mundane, hallways.

What was the end goal?
There were multiple goals for this project. Apart from the fact that I wanted nature-inspired photographic murals to adorn the hallways, I needed a product that would withstand the constant abuse from the foot pads of wheel chairs that residents wheel themselves in, as well as the large food/medicine carts that are constantly moving through the hallways. I was also looking for a product slim enough so that it wouldn’t protrude into the existing floor space and it obviously had to be Class A fire rated. ATI’s Fusion product allowed me to bring both beauty and function together!

Why did you choose this product from ATI?
For all the reasons stated for end goals, reliability of product, as well as quality and durability.

Would you use it again?
Absolutely! I would also like to mention the education about products and the prompt sample delivery I received from our Regional Representative, Andrea Angers, really helped with the decision making process!

Any other comments?
Thank You for making this design possible. It brings smiles to both the residents and people working in the facility!