Flagship Cinemas

Flagship Premium Cinemas in Wareham, Massachusetts is just one of over 15 modern theatres spanning the Atlantic coast from Vermont to Maine. Paul Wenger, President, and his in-house Cinematic Innovations Team (CIT) take on the challenge of renovating outdated movie theatres and creating new and elegant spaces reminiscent of 5-Star Hotels. Wenger and the CIT team look to create an experience from the time a guest enters the lobby until the final credits roll.

Wenger discovered MirroFlex Structures at a Las Vegas tradeshow years ago and was impressed with what he saw, commenting “MirroFlex always has new and exciting designs and is the most bang for your buck.”  MirroFlex Structures were the obvious choice to give this theatre project the high-end look he was seeking without the expense.

When renovations began for the Wareham, MA location, Wenger and his team worked together from initial sketches, design, prefabrication, and installation. This particular theatre space was to include a bar, appropriately named Pig & Whistle, which was mostly constructed and pre-fabricated off-site using standard building materials as well as MirroFlex Structures to give it a unique look. In addition to along the front of the bar, MirroFlex Structures Mojave in Argent Silver was installed to the back of the storage cubbies for behind the bar. Later, edge-lit acrylic shelving and down lighting were added to complete the look. Installation took just a few hours. “That’s the beauty of your product,” noted Wenger, “it takes no time at all to put up – you can take a water-based glue {adhesive} and change the appearance of something in a matter of minutes.”

When asked if Wegner would use MirroFlex products again he enthusiastically answered, “Are you kidding me? No doubt! I’ve been using this product for years. Most people come in to our theatres and think this was all done onsite by a high-end designer. People see the product and think we had a custom piece created for $20,000 – when really it’s simply a flexible, thermoplastic panel! The combination of your products and others have made us what we are today.”